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MEODEX - Custom LED Modules - Engineering and Manufacturing

Meodex helps designers and emitting light devices manufacturers to meet the challenge of integrating LED light technology. Our multi-disciplinary design office, with its expertise in LED Engineering, is involved in all phases of development and brings creativity and performance while ensuring industrial constraints.

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MEODEX has its own LED module manufacturing workshop and is equipped with the most advanced production equipment for SMD LED soldering. It lowers the cost of production and improves time-to-market. The synergies between the office and the production facilities increase the responsiveness and performance of our services.

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We focus on key areas of the market where we can satisfy the needs of our customers and create added value by combining innovative technologies with our experience in manufacturing. MEODEX works internationally and has its own commercial network

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Innovation is a key element at MEODEX. The development of industrial, powerful, tailored and space saving solutions allows us to develop specific modules meeting the growing productivity needs. We provide our customers with tailor-made and innovative solutions in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

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About Us

MEODEX™ designs and manufactures custom LED modules through its Research Department and production line located on the same site in France. MEODEX ™ makes it a point of honor to the technologies of LED light.
The high reactivity of MEODEX ™ is one of its strengths by responding with express and tight deadlines.
In a changing industrial era, where the nature of a decision leaves little time to completion, MEODEX ™ is required as a design office with a staff that combines flexibility and responsiveness, and caring the success of your projects.


10, Avenue du champs de Mars
Bâtiment 7, Eole ZI Plaisance
11100 Narbonne