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The UV LED war on viruses

The moody current period is favorable to put on the table: UV LED systems have existed for many years, the prospect for the future was already very broad and, now, is powered to the forefront of the health scene. In addition to the reinforcement of existing technologies and techniques, it is highly likely that new […]

Meodex is set to expand with a move to brand new premises in 2020

Over the last few years, thanks to the ongoing consolidation of our most important client accounts and the continuing support of local and European institutions, we have been able to envisage the construction of our new premises in the heart of the Mediterranean Innovation Park in Narbonne. The new building will not only be bigger, […]

More than 300 pieces of customized LED modules!

In this year 2016, the Meodex Team is pleased to announce that we have achieved the design and delivery of nearly 300 customized LED modules for our Dear Customers, reflecting the efficiency and professionalism of our Design Office, reflecting the good mastery of the know-how in the Workshop, reflecting the overall involvement of the Team […]

LED light in all kind of shapes

For the past 20 years, LED’s technology and its control have regularly revolutionized the lighting concept. Mainly in its important flexibility in systems designing: the creators of lighting products can, more and more, liberate their creativity. However, one point is both a strength and a weakness : LED light deploys in a conic space. Strong point : […]

Custom LED Module Vs Standard LED Module

Since its beginning, the LED market offers a wide range of standard LED modules to a different kind of professionals such as lighting, light, industrial designers, etc. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, light output, CCT, CRI, scattering angles, currents, voltages, power, connectivity, standardization, certification, etc. No need to say that the number of […]

Implementation of the DMX protocol in LED modules

How to drive the LED modules by area, intensity and color? The answer is both simple and complex: by using the DMX protocol. The entertainment industry and more and more other industries, use DMX consoles to vary the quality and intensity of their LED lighting fixtures while independently addressing each light source. The LED lights […]

MEODEX is ISO9001:2015 certified

We are proud to announce that our company MEODEX obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification on July 5th, 2016, and granted by COFRAC certified auditor. This certification awards our efforts in continuous improvement and ensures a quality and constant service towards Customers.  So, feel free to submit your projects to us, our Team will be glad […]

LED driver on board or remote, the difficult choice

When designing an LED system, who has not been confronted with the questions: “How do I control the LED current? with an external power supply or directly on the board next to the LEDs?” ? The second consecutive question is: should I work in constant voltage or constant current? Currently the cost of a voltage […]

Wavelengths covered by LED technology

LED technology is perfectly illustrated in a variety of lighting applications; nevertheless, this is not its sole purpose. Industrial LED light starts to vibrate from 235nm to 1600nm and in these wavelength ranges – out of visible – the light is mainly used to activate and/or to seek physical and chemical processes that find their […]

Target ISO9001-2015

Driven by the quality of its services and management system, MEODEX is proud to announce that the company is on track to achieve its ISO 9001 certification in 2016! This approach followed with enthusiasm by our Teams reflects our strong commitment to our customers. We want to ensure that our clients receive the best advice […]