Wavelengths covered by LED technology


LED technology is perfectly illustrated in a variety of lighting applications; nevertheless, this is not its sole purpose. Industrial LED light starts to vibrate from 235nm to 1600nm and in these wavelength ranges – out of visible – the light is mainly used to activate and/or to seek physical and chemical processes that find their usefulness in non-exhaustive applications such as:
 DNA destruction
 Various treatment and/or disinfections
 Inks activation
 Light cure
 Various gluing
 Dermatological treatments
 Phototherapy
 Blood tests, oximetry, etc.
 Biometrics
 Industrial vision
 Night vision
 IR communication
 Various inspections
 Hair growth
 etc.
The MEODEX Team has met many challenges in these areas and we are able to bring you support from the study to the assembly of LED systems for advanced technology applications. So, do not hesitate to contact us for your projects!